A COLLABORATIVE GROUP EXHIBITION BY PAUL SENYOL, ANDRZEJ URBANSKI, ANDREW SUTHERLAND, DANI LOUREIRO, JADE KLARA, AND WESLEY VAN EEDEN This group exhibition by six highly-skilled contemporary artists centred around the act and process of collaboration across diverse modes of practice. The exhibition features 4 local artists from Cape Town, including Paul Senyol, Dani Loureiro, Jade Klara, and Andrew Sutherland, as well as Durban-based artist Wesley van Eeden, and Andrzej Urbanski, a Polish-German artist. The artists come together under the theme to explore ideas around Collaboration, Place, and Presence. Viewers can expect to see works by the individual artists in their signature styles as well as exciting once-off collaborative projects ranging from painterly portraits, abstract works, layered graphic pieces, unusually shaped canvases, typography, works on paper, works on board, works on canvas, as well as works which break free from the traditional confines of image-making all with a unique local feel.