This body of work was created almost entirely by referencing my growing collection of archival photographs, postcards and memorabilia.

The idea behind extracting elements found within these references has been to create new stories from old worlds. This “Other Dust” shows us the interesting history and practices of documented cultures and civilizations from around the world.

I started marveling over old imagery and memorabilia many years ago but has only recently started to bring these references to light. As well as being a great source of days gone by, these images also offer a tactile, used or handled feeling that emits great warmth. These decaying references are slowly dissolving and will eventually return to the earth as dust, just like everything else. As we look to the future and grow, our past is quickly vanishing, as new history replaces the old.

Other Dust is a tribute to the old world and all its wonders. It admires adventure and discovery and exposes strange traditions and values.