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    SALON NINETY ONE end-of-year group show in aid of the Peninsula School Feeding Association | Saturday 02 December at 11AM | 91 Kloof Street, Gardens, Cape Town

    Please join us for the opening of our end-of-year group exhibition on Saturday 02 December. Refreshments will be served from 11AM onwards with live music, affordable artwork and great company. This year, 10% of all sales will go towards the Peninsula School Feeding Association and the many children they support.

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    This is body of work for a group show with Audrey Anderson.

    We have both worked closely with the concept of ‘strong silence’ and have through our practices visually explored the notion of silence. Divulging into the experince, the emotive quality and the chosen pathway, we have developed a nuanced idea of the environment and silence.

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    The Turbine Art Fair has established itself as a significant event on the SA Arts Calendar, presenting rare and crucial opportunities to collectors and artists alike. This Fair has won us over through its fantastic electric atmosphere and by remaining absolutely committed to its intention to promote emerging talent and to nurture a new collectors base, ideas which resonate with the core philosophy of our gallery.

    Since its inception in 2008, Salon Ninety One has served as a platform for both emerging and established South African artists of all disciplines to gain exposure through sharing their creativity and vision. The Artists exhibiting with Salon Ninety One have all excelled in their respective fields, with their names quickly gaining recognition across South Africa and abroad. This year we are proud to be representing Andrew Sutherland, Black Koki, Cathy Layzell, Heidi Fourie, Jordan Sweke, Kirsten Beets, Kirsten Sims, Linsey Levendall, Paul Senyol and Zarah Cassim. These Artists embody the gallery’s signature style and reflect the astounding growth and promise of local talent.

    Salon Ninety One will be exhibiting at the Turbine Art Fair, for the fourth consecutive year bringing accessible, affordable contemporary art from Cape Town to both seasoned collectors and first-time buyers in Johannesburg. Visit us at Booth GH14 from the 13th to the 16th of July 2017.

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    SHELTER / 2017

    He stepped gingerly, eyes fixed to the ground below him. He was carefully observing the minutest details of the forest floor, scanning for edible morsels amongst the fallen leaves. The dense canopy overhead allowed the trickle of glittering light to dance upon the mulch, confusing the eye with the illusion of movement, either that of friend or foe. His well-rehearsed movements provided him the opportunity for introspection. He had made so many new discoveries here in this unknown world within himself. He had found the wilderness to be like a still, glassy lake, inadvertently providing a mirror to his physical and mental condition. He suddenly felt the ground shift slightly beneath his feet and, before he could regain control, he stumbled clumsily. Quietly cursing his carelessness he realised he had roused the attention of an unknown creature close-by. He heard the crunch of sticks under large feet, and he turned to observe his observer…

    Andrew Sutherland sinks into the well-worn and muddy shoes of the adventurer for his latest body of work, Shelter. Through the narrative of this exhibition we can identify with the protagonist, experiencing the ultimate self-propelled voyage of the intrepid explorer and lone personality out to forge a re-imagined connection with nature.”

    Words by Cynthia Edwards

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    ORACLE / 2016

    SALON NINETY ONE end-of-year group show in aid of S A Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind | 03 December at 11AM | 91 Kloof Street. Gardens. Cape Town

    Accessible, affordable artwork across a broad range of mediums by some of Salon Ninety One’s favourite emerging and established creatives. Artists include: Anastasia Pather, Andrew Sutherland, Berry Meyer, Bruce Mackay, Cathy Layzell, Gabrielle Raaff, Gerhard Human, Hanno van Zyl, Heidi Fourie, Isabella Kuijers, Jade Klara, Jordan Sweke, Katrin Coetzer, Katrine Claassens, Kirsten Beets, Kirsten Sims, Lara Feldman, Linsey Levendall, Maaike Bakker, Maria Lebedeva, Nicole Dalton, Nina Torr, Paul Senyol, Pierre le Riche, and Sarah Pratt.

    South African Guide-Dogs Association provides Independence, Mobility and Companionship to the differently abled community of South Africa by providing Guide, Service and Autism Support Dogs. Ten percent of all art sales will be put towards the sponsorship and training of guide dog puppies.

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    KINGDOM 3 / 2016

    What would the world be, once bereft
    Of wet and wildness? Let them be left,
    O let them be left, wildness and wet,
    Long live the weeds and the wildness yet.

    • Gerard Manley Hopkins, Inversnaid

    The Gaia Theory posits that we are part of Nature and Nature is part of us, that humans had evolved to a point where they had become Gaias “global brain” and “she is now through us awake and aware of herself. She has seen the reflection of her fair face through the eyes of astronauts, smart phones and the television cameras of orbiting spacecraft.”

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    Salon Ninety One will be exhibiting at the Turbine Art Fair, booth GH14, for the third consecutive year to bring accessible, affordable contemporary art from Cape Town to both seasoned collectors and first-time buyers.

    The artists exhibiting with Salon Ninety One have all excelled in their respective fields, with their names quickly gaining recognition across South Africa and abroad. Artists who embody the gallery’s signature style and the astounding growth and promise of local talent.

    The Turbine Art Fair will be on view at the Turbine Hall in Newtown, Johannesburg between 15-17 July 2016. Visit www.salon91.co.za or call 021-424-6930 for further information.

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    PAPER IS YOU 3 / 2016

    Paper Is You III is an exclusively paper-based exhibition, which focuses on the diversity and richness of paper as artistic medium.This is the third instalment in a range of exhibitions by the same name which have been hosted by Salon91 since 2011, titled after a poem written by artists Wessel Snyman and Katrine Claassens (who have both exhibited at the gallery). All too often art is is only considered ‘Art’ when it is an oil on canvas piece. Paper Is You challenges this preconception and celebrates the magic of paper-based artwork in all its forms and applications, as well as the incredible ways in which this carefully selected group of artists engage with this age-old medium, working both within and against the confines of the medium.

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    NO ONE'S LAND / 2016

    This exhibition was inspired by the blues song by John Lee Hooker entitled “This land is nobody’s land”.
    With his moody and evocative vocals, Hooker speaks of and contemplates our continuous struggle over land. It’s a sad look at human nature and how we have created barriers by taking ownership over a space we are really only visiting.

    “…This land is no ones land
    God made this world
    And everything within
    He didn’t make it for one man
    He made it for everyone
    I don’t know why they fighting
    Over their burying ground…”

    Hooker seems pensive and conflicted. This body of work attempts to describe a similar train of thought. It emphasises the trajectory of mans role from explorer to conquerer, as well as our collective amnesia towards the past. Today, living in an urban environment, more immediate concerns dominate our thoughts; it is as if we live in a dream, and thoughts like Hooker’s seem disconnected and unrelated to us. Sutherland and Cronje have given this feeling a visual accomplice.

    Resultingly and almost ironically, the work provides the viewer a chance to escape into a dreamlike world full of exploration and opportunity. A lush and ripe landscape.

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    STELLAR / 2015

    End of year group exhibition in aid of The Bookery (www.thebookery.org.za). The gallery & artists will be donating 10% of all sales towards building a library & running a creative workshop with the kids at Usasazo Secondary School in Khayelitsha. Everyone is invited to donate books – specifically Xhosa & Afrikaans language, as well as Art-related books.

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    THIS IS THE PLACE / 2015

    A COLLABORATIVE GROUP EXHIBITION BY PAUL SENYOL, ANDRZEJ URBANSKI, ANDREW SUTHERLAND, DANI LOUREIRO, JADE KLARA, AND WESLEY VAN EEDEN This group exhibition by six highly-skilled contemporary artists centred around the act and process of collaboration across diverse modes of practice. The exhibition features 4 local artists from Cape Town, including Paul Senyol, Dani Loureiro, Jade Klara, and Andrew Sutherland, as well as Durban-based artist Wesley van Eeden, and Andrzej Urbanski, a Polish-German artist. The artists come together under the theme to explore ideas around Collaboration, Place, and Presence. Viewers can expect to see works by the individual artists in their signature styles as well as exciting once-off collaborative projects ranging from painterly portraits, abstract works, layered graphic pieces, unusually shaped canvases, typography, works on paper, works on board, works on canvas, as well as works which break free from the traditional confines of image-making all with a unique local feel.

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    GOLDEN HAZE / 2014

    Golden Haze – End of year group salon in aid of the Sunflower Fund

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    OTHER DUST / 2014

    This body of work was created almost entirely by referencing my growing collection of archival photographs, postcards and memorabilia.

    The idea behind extracting elements found within these references has been to create new stories from old worlds. This “Other Dust” shows us the interesting history and practices of documented cultures and civilizations from around the world.

    I started marveling over old imagery and memorabilia many years ago but has only recently started to bring these references to light. As well as being a great source of days gone by, these images also offer a tactile, used or handled feeling that emits great warmth. These decaying references are slowly dissolving and will eventually return to the earth as dust, just like everything else. As we look to the future and grow, our past is quickly vanishing, as new history replaces the old.

    Other Dust is a tribute to the old world and all its wonders. It admires adventure and discovery and exposes strange traditions and values.

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    BIRDS & BIKES / 2013

    Birds & Bikes was created soon after I arrived in Taiwan - The show was inspired by the local birds and bikes/scooters(surprise). The show consisted of watercolours on paper from me and woodcuts from Cynthia Edwards. We collaborated on a few pieces which I have included at the end of the set. You can see the work Cynthia did for the show here: http://milkinthebatter.wordpress.com/

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